I take from all the little things, or whatever inspires me. I wrap it up inside a box and pull it out whenever I fein. Temporary Fixes, I suggest you find your high...

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 “I suggest you find your high”

Arima Ederra is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and visual artist with a mellow,  dreamy new expression. Arima, whose name holds truth to its meaning, “Soul Beautiful”, comes from an Ethiopian background and draws inspiration from her African roots as well as an array of musical influences like Amel Larrieux, Amy Winehouse,  Little Dragons -Yukimi Nagano, and Lauryn Hill. Growing up Arima’s father also introduced her to traditional Ethiopian music from an early age. She believes her imagination and love for fairy-tale story telling  and romanticism stirred from that.  Arima captivates listeners with her hypnotic, melancholy and alluring vocals . Arima radiates her voice on previously released tracks such as "Crystal Blue," "Trippin On U", and expresses vulnerability in its purest form with "Retroblame." In December 2012, Arima released her first EP Earth To Arima.  The debut project showcased Arima's captivating melodies as well as her nostalgic songwriting. Since her debut project, Arima has collaborated and has been featured on songs with many artists; Warm Brew, JMSN, Dizzy Wright,  Chance The Rapper and many more.